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RPC Announces New Life Membership Option!

Life Membership

Updated: August 6, 2019

The Executive Committee of the Rural Planning Caucus of Virginia is pleased to announce the Life Membership option for long-time members of the organization. 

The Executive Committee has set the following eligibility requirements for Life Membership:

  • The individual has served more than one full three-year term on the Executive Committee (min. 4 years) OR
  • The individual has at any point in the last 40 years, been a member for at least ten (10) consecutive years OR
  • An individual outside of these rules may also qualify on a case-by-case basis upon approval of the Executive Committee.

40 individuals are currently eligible for Life Membership and 21 have become Life Members. A listing of these people  can be found to the right. If a name has an asterisk (*) by it, we need your help in finding contact info for the individual - please email Andy Sorrell if you can provide info!

In order to become a Life Member, all you need to do is to respond to Andy Sorrell letting him know you are interested.  We will sign you up and you will get an email confirming your membership.   After you receive that email, you will be able to sign in and pay your one-time $25 Life Membership dues online or print off an invoice and mail a check.  If you are already a member by attending a recent conference, then there is no fee. 

Life Members
 will never need to renew membership - they are always an RPC member and as such they automatically get a reduction of the conference registration rate of whatever the annual membership fee is - currently that fee is $25 so for our 2019 conference, the conference registration rate is just $350 (including meals). Note this does not include lodging which is handled by Berry Hill Resort ($94 per night). 

While you do not need to come to the conference to become a Life Member, we would love to have you join us and we plan to recognize all Life Members at our Annual Awards Ceremony.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andy Sorrell 

Note: Current members of the Executive Committee who may qualify for Life Membership are not eligible until no longer a member of the Executive Committee or they have retired. 

Eligible Life Members

as of August 6, 2019
Those in green text have accepted Life Membership.

1. R. Gary Allen *  

2. Nora Amos

3. Sharon Angle
4. Benjamin W. "Ben" Blankinship
5. Gregory L. "Greg" Brittingham*
6. Dennis Carney

7. V. Wayne Cilimberg

8. David A. "Dave" Clabo
9. Darren K. Coffey
10. Sam Crickenburger
11. Joseph M. "Joe" Cross, Jr.
12. John C. Dooley
13. William E. "Bill" Duncanson*
14. Kenneth D. "Kenny" Eades*
15. Deborah Kirk Flippo
16. Marybeth Glaser
17. Robert A. "Bob" Hammond
18. Shea Hollifield
19. Edward L. "Larry" Jennings
20. Deborah S. "Debbie" Kendall
21. Robert "Robbie" Love
22. Gerald V. "Jerry" Lovelace
23. John W. McCarthy
24. Ted McCormack
25. Elizabeth J. Moran
26. George E. Morrison, III*
27. Gary M. Oliveri
28. M.L. "Pete" Ransone
29. Rodney S. "Rod" Rhodes
30. Jeff Scott*
31. John E. Sheffield, Jr.*
32. Wayne G. Strickland
33. William H. "Bill" Strider
34. Sherry Swinson
35. Kris C. Tierney
36. Diana Utz
37. William L. "Billy" Vaughn
38. Stephen K. "Steve" Whiteway
39. R. David Whittington
40. Timothy L. "Tim" Wilson

* If a name has an asterisk (*) by it,
we need your help in finding contact
info for the individual - please email 
Andy Sorrell if you can provide info!